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This project was a try to create a nice looking NativeScript with firebase as a backend. (only tested with android)

I used the great nativescript-plugin-firebase plugin and the app uses firebase storage, realtime database, authentication and cloud functions.

In order to run this app. Create a firebase project at the firebase console. Follow the steps to include firebase to Android and download and place the google-services.json into app/App_Resources/Android. Next Activate storage, anonymous authentication and the realtime database in the firebase console. Import the rules for the database from the file database.rules.json. Provide the database with data from the database.import.json.

I used node version v6.11.3 for nativescript. If you have nvm run nvm use.

To build the app make sure you have NativeScript installed and a connected Phone and execute

tns run android

from the root directory of the project.

The app uses push notifications (fcm) and firebase functions to relay these to the phone. To install the firebase tools and deploy the function run the following commands.

npm install -g firebase-tools
firebase login
cd $root_of_project
firebase init (choose to NOT overwrite files from the functions directory)
firebase deploy --only functions

You may have to go to$YOUR_PROJECT_ID

and enable the FCM api. (I got that link from the functions log output)

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