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LICENSE copyright 2011 James Michael DuPont <> licensed under GNU Affero General Public License

I am working on implementing the API in perl, in dancer. this will create a mini perl api server for you to connect your josm to. It will then store the data and act like proxy to multiple osm api servers and also rendering servers and blogs. This is the placeholder for a new perl module to fake the osm api. I am developing it with josm and perl dancer ( ) ( I have started a simple blogpost on this to be updated as I go along. ( you run the code like this :

    /OSM-API-Proxy$ ./bin/

The api server is located here :

Code is checked into github : ( It can serve a simple static map that is embedded in the program for now, and it is soooo fast. Api Calls and Status :

  • /api/0.6/map get map data from bbox, has static file

  • /api/capabilities hardcoded

  • /api/0.6/changesets this is using a template... the data is static

Interface : Moose ( Point (lat,lon ( Box (Min, Max : Point) ChangeSet (bbox :Box ) .... See Also : Dancer : ( Writing REST web services with Dancer | PerlDancer Advent Calendar ( PerlDancer - The easiest way to write web applications with Perl ( Dancer - ($structure,_%options%29) Dancer::Template::Simple - ( ( ( ( ( Writing REST web services with Dancer Dancer for Python Users: ( OSM Api: API v0.6 - OpenStreetMap Wiki ( API v0.6 - OpenStreetMap Wiki ( API v0.6/Command Overview - OpenStreetMap Wiki ( Xapi - OpenStreetMap Wiki ( Moose Syntax Wikibook: ( Presentation : ( More Moose Perldocs : ( ( Big List of Moose things ( ( Perl Best Practices ( ( Template Toolkit (,_END_TAG (,_END_TAG)


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