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example debian packaging of a resulting hiphop php hello world application

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Hello World,

this is an simple skeleton hello world application that is installable with debian.

it was created using my debian packaging of hiphop php,

Unfortunaly my installer of the debian package is not CMakeLists.txt working 100% yet, but the building is, so instead of installing the resulting debian package you use
the build directory. For me it was the  /usr/src/hiphop-php-0.1/
I will be working on fixing that so you use the debian package directly.

The command to generate the code was :
hphp -k1 -t cpp -f exe  --output-dir out  helloword.php

but the cmake was edited by me.

thanks to Remi_Woler from on the #hiphop-php channel.

The Hello World.php source code is :

echo "hello world!";


I hope this helps anyone trying to deploy a hiphop for php application on debian.


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