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Add jshint / jslint configuration to file.default.exclude.

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1 parent ff45c0b commit 5e5723ee3e08c1b7fd7a1e9dfee10a43e210d7f5 @rikkert rikkert committed May 2, 2012
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ file.serverconfig = .htaccess
# Files not to be copied over by the script to the publish directory
-file.default.exclude = .gitignore, .project, .settings, README.markdown,, **/.git/**, **/.svn/**, ${dir.test}/**, ${dir.demo}/**, ${dir.intermediate}/**, ${dir.publish}/**, ${}/**, **/nbproject/**, *.komodoproject, **/.komodotools/**, **/dwsync.xml, **_notes, **/.hg/**, **/.idea/**
+file.default.exclude = .gitignore, .project, .settings, .js*intrc, README.markdown,, **/.git/**, **/.svn/**, ${dir.test}/**, ${dir.demo}/**, ${dir.intermediate}/**, ${dir.publish}/**, ${}/**, **/nbproject/**, *.komodoproject, **/.komodotools/**, **/dwsync.xml, **_notes, **/.hg/**, **/.idea/**
# Declare the file.exclude property in your file if you want to exclude files / folders you have added
# Note: you cannot declare an empty file.exclude property

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