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Handle OptiPNG version and metadata stripping on Mac/Linux #46

roblarsen opened this Issue March 29, 2012 · 3 comments

2 participants

Rob Larsen Yann 'Aaunel' Eves-Hollis
Rob Larsen

As surfaced by #39 there are some issues with optipng versions and stripping metadata. We need to be able to see if the right version of otipng is installed and then strip/not strip metadata accordingly. this works on windows since we just ship the latest version.

Basically we need to be more awesome.

Yann 'Aaunel' Eves-Hollis

Easier said than done, right? ;) it worth looking into alternatives for OptiPNG?

Rob Larsen

I have this figured out, I think.

Rob Larsen

Fixed in the 1.0 branch. I used the <shellscript> task which is as scary as it sounds.

Rob Larsen roblarsen closed this January 23, 2013
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