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First off; This is my first github issue I make so bear with me if I commit any obvious mistakes :) Also thanks for all the hard work you guys put down into this build script; it's really appreciated. Now for the issue;

The "new" -js.main.concat scans files.root.page for script tags and adds the src to a filelist - these files are then concatenated. The problem is that I'm using a php framework (CodeIgniter) and thus require the use of php tags to tell the app where to find the js files. My script tags looks like this:

<script src="<?=base_url();?>js/mylibs/sites.js"></script>

(ignore the use of the old mylibs folder, have not gotten to the latest h5bp version yet)

This give me the following error when concatenating:

[concat] /Users/fredrikk/Dropbox/Code/Web/ascc/intermediate/<?=base_url();?>js/mylibs/sites.js does not exist.

Now if the tags would be removed by scriptsToConcat.class then it would work just fine.

Does anyone have a solution to this? My current idea is to add this functionality to the class file, but perhaps that could cause other problems? I'm not sure how common this case is - if I'm the only one having problems then I'll solve this on my own.

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and... once again I paste this link. One PR closes all the issues.


@roblarsen roblarsen closed this Jan 8, 2013
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