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Have a global build script? #91

nimbupani opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Much like the node build script. Would it be possible to do this? Right now each project needs to download the build folder which means several duplicates of binaries and applications within the tools folder. Is it possible to only use build.xml and install required dependencies elsewhere?


There's no reason it couldn't work. I'd have to think of how to approach it to keep t as easy as possible for people, but unless I'm missing something, it'd be doable.


I have a plan for how to handle this. Assuming we have Ant installed correctly, we could do a simple install process

  1. checkout or download a zip file containing the project
  2. run a batch file or shell script that asks for a place to install the dependencies
  3. copy the dependencies
  4. write an environment variable that holds the location
  5. 1st time the build file is run at a project level, run ant install which will read the environment variable and write it into a properties file

FWIW, I quite like having it be local. Otherwise, your local project doesn't have everything it needs and assumes the existence of global tools. Even grunt has moved away from the requirement of a global installation.


Between the work I've been doing getting ready for the milestone and as a consumer of this project at work, I agree with @necolas and am shelving this. I think the potential for issues is large. The work I had to do just for the single OptiPNG version issue on Mac/Linux was enough for me to shy away from relying on global tools wherever possible.

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