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The Ant Build Script is a tool that optimizes your code for production use on the web.

It's designed to work with HTML5 Boilerplate with minimal configuration, but it's also here to serve as a rich source of Ant tasks you can use as the basis for your own custom build scripts.

##Compatibility While it should work with any version of HTML5 Boilerplate (with varying degrees of intervention) v1.0 of the Build Script was developed and tested against v4.0 of HTML5 Boilerplate.

Why use it?

Faster page load times, improved workflow and happy end users :)

What it does

  • Combines and minifies javascript (via Closure Compiler)
  • Inlines stylesheets specified using @import in your CSS
  • Combines and minifies CSS (using YUI Compressor)
  • Optimizes JPGs and PNGs (with jpegtran, advpng & optipng)
  • Basic to aggressive html minification (via htmlcompressor)
  • Revises the file names of your assets so that you can use heavy caching (1 year expires).
  • Updates your HTML to reference these new hyper-optimized CSS + JS files
  • Updates your HTML to use the minified jQuery instead of the development version
  • Remove unneeded references from HTML (like a root folder favicon)
  • Runs your JavaScript through a code quality tool like JSLint or JSHint (optional)
  • Runs your CSS through a code quality tool, CSSLint (optional)
  • Cache-busting support for a module directory
  • Optionally precompile LESS formatted CSS
  • Optionally precompile SASS formatted CSS
  • Optionally output JSDOC3 documentation
  • Optionally convert your JPGs to progressive JPGs

##How to Use it