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* @import URLs that start with http: or https: need to come before any @imports that will be inlined, otherwise they will break (see the strict rules above).
* You can specify media types after an @import (ex: `@import url('print.styles.css') print;`). The build script will wrap these in an `@media [type]{[file contents]}` block.
-## Some notes
+## Compiling LESS CSS (
+The build script can now optionally compile your LESS code into CSS ready for use on a production site.
+Currently the script will only work on LESS code in your main stylesheet, so if you want to process more than one stylesheet you must use `@import` references in this file.
+To enable the LESS compiler, in `` your must set `file.root.stylesheet` to the name of your LESS stylesheet and `build.css.less` to true.
+Example ``
+file.root.stylesheet = style.less
+build.css.less = true
+Now when you run ant your LESS code will be compiled, and as it replaces the main stylesheet your code will also be minified and have a new hashed filename.
+### Tidying up LESS references in your HTML
+To make the build script remove references to your LESS JavsScript from your HTML wrap it in a comment block like so.
+<!-- less script -->
+ <script>var less = { env: ‘development’ };</script>
+ <script src="js/vendor/less-1.3.0.min.js"></script>
+<!-- end less script -->
+The build script will also change the rel attribute of your main stylesheet link to `stylesheet` from `stylesheet/less`.
+### Some notes
* The build script makes some assumptions about how your javascript files are sorted.
* `/js/libs/` contains files from boilerplate. These are minified but not concatenated with others. Modernizr should be alone in the head. jQuery might be pulled off the CDN.
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