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Keep the project history available within the repo; make it easier to
track what is currently changed over the last tagged release.
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+== HEAD
+* Add bundled docs (#1154).
+* Code format and consistency changes (#1112).
+* Improve `console.log` protection (#1107).
+* Replace hot pink text selection color with a neutral color.
+* Rename CSS file and rename JS files and subdirectories.
+* Update image replacement technique.
+* Update to Modernizr 2.6.1 (#1086).
+* Remove uncompressed jQuery (#1153).
+* Remove superfluous inline comments (#1150).
+== 3.0.2 (February 19, 2012)
+* Update to Modernizr 2.5.3
+== 3.0.1 (February 08, 2012)
+* Update to Modernizr 2.5.2 (includes html5shiv 3.3)
+== 3.0.0 (February 06, 2012)
+* Improvements to `.htaccess`.
+* Improve 404 design.
+* Simplify JS folder structure.
+* Change `html` IE class names changed to target ranges rather than specific versions of IE.
+* Update CSS to include latest normalize.css changes and better typographic defaults (#825).
+* Update to Modernizr 2.5 (includes yepnope 1.5 and html5shiv 3.2).
+* Update to jQuery 1.7.1.
+* Revert to async snippet for the Google Analytics script.
+* Remove the ant build script (#826).
+* Remove Respond.js (#816).
+* Remove the `test/` directory.
+* Remove Google Chrome Frame script for IE6 users; replace with links to Chrome Frame and options for alternative browsers.
+* Remove `initial-scale=1` from the viewport `meta`** (#824).
+* Remove `defer` from all scripts to avoid legacy IE bugs.
+* Remove explicit Site Speed tracking for Google Analytics. It's now enabled by default.
+== 2.0.0 (August 10, 2011)
+* Change starting CSS to be based on normalize.css instead of reset.css (#500).
+* Add Respond.js media query polyfill.
+* Add Google Chrome Frame script prompt for IE6 users.
+* Simplify the `html` conditional comments for modern browsers and add an `oldie` class.
+* Update clearfix to use "micro clearfix".
+* Add placeholder CSS MQs for mobile-first approach.
+* Add `textarea { resize: vertical; }` to only allow vertical resizing.
+* Add `img { max-width: 100%; }` to the print styles; prevents images being truncated.
+* Add Site Speed tracking for Google Analytics.
+* Update to jQuery 1.6.2 (and use minified by default).
+* Update to Modernizr 2.0 Complete, Production minified (includes yepnope, html5shiv, and Respond.js).
+* Use `Modernizr.load()` to load the Google Analytics script.
+* Much faster build process.
+* Add build script options for CSSLint, JSLint, JSHint tools.
+* Build script now compresses all images in subfolders.
+* Build script now versions files by SHA hash.
+* Many `.htaccess` improvements including: disable directory browsing, improved support for all versions of Apache, more robust and extensive HTTP compression rules.
+* Remove `handheld.css` as it has very poor device support.
+* Remove touch-icon `link` elements from the HTML and include improved touch-icon support.
+* Remove the cache-busting query paramaters from files references in the HTML.
+* Remove IE6 PNGFix.
+== 1.0.0 (March 21, 2011)
+* Rewrite build script to make it more customizable and flexible.
+* Add a humans.txt.
+* Numerous `.htaccess` improvements (including inline documentation).
+* Move the alternative server configurations to the H5BP server configs repo.
+* Use a protocol-relative url to reference jQuery and prevent mixed content warnings.
+* Optimize the Google Analytics snippet.
+* Use Eric Meyer's recent CSS reset update and the HTML5 Doctor reset.
+* More robust `sub`/`sup` CSS styles.
+* Add keyboard `.focusable` helper class that extends `.visuallyhidden`.
+* Print styles no longer print hash or JavaScript links.
+* Add a print reset for IE's proprietary filters.
+* Remove IE9-specific conditional class on the `html` element.
+* Remove margins from lists within `nav` elements.
+* Remove YUI profiling.
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17 comments on commit 703d0b8

H5BP member

Why not


Why not
no caps

H5BP member

That’s another good point. Seems weird to lowercase readme but then capitalize CHANGELOG.

H5BP member

readme is capitalized again.

I like Also is better than To me having all caps in my filenames feels somehow wrong.

H5BP member

Why not

Soon there is going to be LICENSE. But yeah, maybe we should do,, and

H5BP member

But yeah, maybe we should do,, and

The de facto standard file names, followed by the .md extension. Nice and consistent. +9001.

H5BP member

\o/ I'll do it at the same time as adding the license. Thanks

H5BP member

I agree with Paul.

H5BP member

afaik, LICENSE is convention. I haven't seen much of them in markdown.

README is convention too, but since the rise of GitHub people have been adding the .md because everyone likes pretty text. I don’t see the harm in adding an extension to LICENSE as well — makes it easier to open the file locally (i.e. double-clicking on OS X won’t work unless there’s a recognized extension) and it allows us to use pretty Markdown-style formatting that GitHub will recognize.


LICENSE, README and CHANGELOG are all uppercased by convention AFAIK but I’m fine with lowercase, too — as long as we apply it consistently to these three file names.


+1 for @mathiasbynens's last solution.
UPPERCASE STRESSES ME OUT, except for this kind of files.



When you expect LICENSE, README and CHANGELOG to be in upper-case; lower-case is a bit frustrating on case sensitive file systems.


I think consistency should come into play here. Either all lower-case or all upper-case.

When I download something like Drupal or Joomla, I can quickly tell what files are informational by all of them being upper-case.

H5BP member

I can quickly tell what files are informational by all of them being upper-case.

…lower-case is a bit frustrating on case sensitive file systems.



In WordPress there are license.txt, readme.html, convetion? And looks like people are ok with this.


Since when Wordpress follow some sort of conventions ? They are able to mix php, html, css & js in a same file so... It's not a sort of model.

H5BP member

uppercase bikeshed:


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