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::selection not part of specification #1032

drublic opened this Issue Mar 28, 2012 · 3 comments

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drublic commented Mar 28, 2012

The ::selection pseudo-element was removed from the CSS3 UI specification:

The ::selection pseudo-element has been dropped since it was dropped from Selectors after testing found interoperability problems and further details to explore/define.

Shell we stick to it as it does not produce any problems or is it better to remove it form the styles?
I like the hawt pink, though!

H5BP member

I think it does not cause such undue problems to provoke an immediate removal. I would like it to remain, unless CSSWG agrees that it is the worst-non-spec-feature-on-the-planet to perpetuate.

H5BP member

I've heard a few stories of people getting a call from their boss when the pink selection was discovered in prod :P

Personally I'm glad it's gone from the spec, and hopefully for good. Same as the cursor and right-click meny, selection is something I don't want websites to uck with.

H5BP member

h5bp is where specs meet practicality. i see no reason to remove it from a project because of its status in a working group's process.

@paulirish paulirish closed this Mar 28, 2012
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