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Google Cache snapshot Issue #1086

foodgy opened this Issue · 14 comments

7 participants

foodgy Hans Christian Reinl Paul Irish Alexander Farkas Mathias Bynens Nicolas Gallagher Alex Sexton

Noticed a strange bug with Google cache and h5bp.
Look at this

There is no page snapshot. Only text version.
I have 2 more sites based on h5bp 3.0.2 with the same bug.

Hans Christian Reinl

Thank you for reporting this issue, @foodgy.
We've found out that this has something to do with the conditional comments for the html-tag. You can see this if you take a look at for example my blog on Google Cache which uses HTML5 Boilerplate but not the CC for the html-tag.
I'll try to investigate a little bit more on this. Not sure how to test though… It seems like a bug in Google Cache.
Maybe there is a way to work around this.

Please let me know if you find out anything.

Paul Irish

can people try a few more h5bp-based sites? has a big list of 'em, fwiw.

If we can isolate anything else, I'd be quite happy to file an internet ticket on whatever that snapshot tool is.

Paul Irish

things are fine when javascript is disabled.
could be something within modernizr or html5shiv that is wiping out the document.body ?


Maybe problem is in modernzr 2.5.3? - no Google Cache snapshot. Modernzr 2.5.3 - OK with modernzr 1.7 - OK with modernzr 2.0.6 - no Google Cache snapshot. Modernzr 2.5.3 - OK with modernzr 2.0.6 - OK with modernzr 2.0.6 - no Google Cache snapshot. Modernzr 2.5.3 - no Google Cache snapshot. Modernzr 2.5.3

Paul Irish

cc @afarkas :)

Alexander Farkas

Yes, this issue comes from Modernizr 2.5.3. But, it's already fixed by @ryanseddon, so everything should be fine with next version.

You can use fiddler or charles to debug those things really easily. I'm a big fan of those tools. Here is a short documentation of the most usefull feature


Nice! When will we get next modernizr stable release? ;)

Mathias Bynens

According to the commit message and the relevant issue, Modernizr/Modernizr@c9828ee only addresses IE bugs. @afarkas, what makes you so sure this also fixes the problem described here? Could you provide some more details, please?

Alexander Farkas


Sorry for the delay. I have simply used fiddler's autoresponder to change the resources for Modernizr. In general I did the following:

  1. respond Modernizr with an empty file -> bug was fixed (conclusion: bug is caused by Modernizr)
  2. respond with the 2.5.3 tagged version from the Modernizr repo -> bug exists (conclusion: bug can be reproduced with the uncompressed github source)
  3. respond with the newest dev version of Modernizr -> bug doesn't exisit anymore (conclusion: bug was fixed somewhere)
  4. going up the commits starting with the newest commit after tag 2.5.3 -> bug doesn't exist anymore (conclusion: this commit has also fixed this issue)
Nicolas Gallagher

We'll keep this open and hold back on a new release of H5BP until there is a new stable release of Modernizr.

Nicolas Gallagher

Any update on when Modernizr will get a new release out with this patch?

Hans Christian Reinl

Modernizr/Modernizr#560 has a roadmap for @paulirish states that this version should already be shipped but Modernizr/Modernizr#619 seems to be a blocker.
I guess it's just a matter of days until the 2.6 release will be available.

Would be great to get feedback from the Modernizr team :)
/cc: @SlexAxton

Alex Sexton

The addTest addition is the easy part. The hard part is breaking everything into modules. We still have some work to do on that front.

Nicolas Gallagher

Ok thanks. Closing as this is a Modernizr bug.

Nicolas Gallagher necolas closed this
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