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Remove `html {overflow-y:scroll}` due to Firefox bugs #918

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Problems with Firefox and JavaScript calculations or modifications have been brought up a number of times at the normalize.css repo:


I think we should consider removing the offending code. There is no simple, viable alternative to setting this scroll property on the html element and it isn't really needed.


+1 this was useful for pixel perfect designs, but we definitely dont advocate that any more.


i do really like this trick and it's come in useful...

but to me you're building a site or an app. apps are fullscreen and shouldnt have a scrollbar.
sites are long pages and definitely should have a scrollbar.

there isnt much of a place for pages that are shorter than the browser window, i'd say.

that's why i'm +1 on this.

@necolas necolas was assigned

I really like html {overflow-y:scroll}. Call me a stickler, but I hate the jerky movement when I'm going through a site from one long page to a short one and the scrollbar keeps flickering on and off.


Sounds like something that could be removed + documented in the wiki?


I'm with Mathias on this one. I think removing and doc'ing would be the way to go.

@necolas necolas closed this issue from a commit
@necolas necolas Remove forced scrollbars on `html` element. Fix #918
This can cause problems for JavaScript plugins (such as modal or
drag-and-drop UIs) in Firefox.
@necolas necolas closed this in 5c02f40
@benkutil benkutil referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.

Note that the docs still reference the overflow-y property on html.


This is where the up-to-date CSS docs are -

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