Fixed the `console` stubbing utility. #1229

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ghost commented Oct 3, 2012

As it is being discussed in, the console stubbing utility is not working as intended (it is throwing, for example, in IE6). The associated commit, which is essentially a shortened version of the patch provided by @bgrins in the diff discussion, fixes this problem by actually exposing a global console object (which will either be the original console method, if defined, or a dummy {} object).


necolas commented Oct 3, 2012

@mathiasbynens Got any time to look over what needs doing with this function?


paulirish commented Oct 3, 2012

legit. 👍

@drublic drublic added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 14, 2012

@drublic bmcustodio + drublic Fix `console` stubbing method in oldIE
Expose `console` object to global scope in IE6 and IE7

Reference: gh-1229

drublic closed this in b2ab421 Oct 14, 2012


drublic commented Oct 14, 2012

Thanks for the PR, @bmcustodio.
This code works for me in IE6 and IE7. Here is my test.

I've added this PR and the other improvements outlined in the comments in 578f377 on branch console-stub.
Can you please verify that the code in this branch is working for you?

drublic reopened this Oct 14, 2012


ghost commented Oct 14, 2012

@drublic: Yep, the code in this branch works just fine under IE6 and IE7. I have ran your test as well and everything seems smooth.

drublic closed this in 750bf0e Oct 14, 2012

drublic reopened this Oct 14, 2012


drublic commented Oct 14, 2012

Thanks for looking into that again, @bmcustodio!
@mathiasbynens does this look good for you?


necolas commented Oct 19, 2012

Thanks guys. Merged into master now.

necolas closed this Oct 19, 2012

drublic referenced this pull request Nov 23, 2012


Update js/plugins.js #1262

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