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@roblarsen roblarsen Removing reference to build scripts Aug 22, 2016 e141f51
@JosephBywater JosephBywater Revert aef4fcb363569baa1c0b6a8250c73affbe8a973b...bd3c7a02935561ed48e4414537b7748cba0f5d12 on Build script Jun 20, 2016 7335a73
@alrra alrra Destroyed Test (markdown) Feb 18, 2016 23ca3b9
@moezubair moezubair Created Test (markdown) Feb 18, 2016 13f109f
@shaohua shaohua Updated library (markdown) Dec 16, 2015 bfd1c5a
@abhishekwinni abhishekwinni Updated link Oct 12, 2015 82b6056
@abhishekwinni abhishekwinni Added website using HTML5 Boilerplate Oct 12, 2015 7c01f35
@houssemFat houssemFat h Oct 8, 2015 bd3c7a0
@yehui16 yehui16 Created DNS Prefetching (markdown) Aug 20, 2015 aa2fdee
@hoezaykut hoezaykut Updated sites (markdown) Aug 13, 2015 9ac825a
@hoezaykut hoezaykut i am add pegasus-sport.de a site with html5BP, bootstrap and typo3 May 29, 2015 5c819e6
@alrra alrra Remove dead links and officially deprecated forks Apr 21, 2015 5d2e375
@arthurvr arthurvr Destroyed SERVICE SOLAHART tlpn 081905220200 (markdown) Apr 21, 2015 fafa179
@arthurvr arthurvr Destroyed SERVICE SOLAHART ancol tlpn 081905220200 (markdown) Apr 21, 2015 071d193
@kanejamison kanejamison Added a site to the list. Apr 21, 2015 370ae09
@batubatu batubatu Created SERVICE SOLAHART ancol tlpn 081905220200 (markdown) Feb 10, 2015 ea85faf
@RXSERVICE150 RXSERVICE150 Created SERVICE SOLAHART tlpn 081905220200 (markdown) Feb 10, 2015 d64ee6e
@arthurvr arthurvr Sites: remove some not using h5bp anymore Dec 22, 2014 b3040a3
@arthurvr arthurvr Sites: remove 'darkwingsguild.com' Dec 22, 2014 29c36f7
@arthurvr arthurvr Sites: remove `http://10-la-serie.ch` Dec 22, 2014 ddd76d7
@alrra alrra Revert 6b3edaa5d5260dd52401cd575cc08b96db9680de ... a4153b0460d3b2ff0ef607a853e2c33c4458b12d on Home Jul 22, 2014 125ffe5
@dujinjin123456 dujinjin123456 Updated Home (markdown) Jul 22, 2014 a4153b0
@Arcovion Arcovion Updated cachebusting (markdown) May 12, 2014 d429b44
@Arcovion Arcovion Revert 49c8fc4^ ... 49c8fc4 on cachebusting May 12, 2014 0956b4c
@XhmikosR XhmikosR htaccess has moved to its own repository. May 12, 2014 49c8fc4
@julianshapiro julianshapiro I believe a performant UI is equally as important to a bootstrap environment as normalize.css and jquery. Velocity.js has proved very popular since its release. May 5, 2014 058c25d
@jonole jonole Updated sites (markdown) May 2, 2014 8dfc923
@jpdevries jpdevries Updated forks (markdown) Apr 27, 2014 a1d4489
@Roope Roope Added link to ProcessWire HTML5 Boilerplate site profile Apr 13, 2014 53c1ebc
@alrra alrra Remove `node build script` reference Apr 11, 2014 6b3edaa