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The HTML5 Boilerplate website is a simple static site.

  • The development code is in the src directory.
  • The build process relies on Grunt (a Node.js task runner).
  • The Grunt configurations can be found in the Gruntfile.js file.


  1. Install Node.js and npm.
  2. Install Grunt's command line interface (CLI) globally: npm install -g grunt-cli.
  3. Run npm install.


You should be able to work almost entirely in the src directory.

While developing run grunt dev as this will open the website in your default browser and automatically update it whenever changes are made to the page or any of the files contained in the page.


When you have finished your changes, make sure that the distribution package is correct by running grunt test and then checking the output.


This step is done automatically: the server will periodically pull from the gh-pages branch, branch that will be updated by Travis CI every time a commit is pushed to the master branch and the tests pass.