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Hosting plans #5

paulirish opened this Issue · 6 comments

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We're working with alexis behind caniuse to host this at but we've also discussed and others.

If you have the resources to host an webservice like this chime in.


Alexis supports our cause, and if space/bandwidth/memory is an issue, I hope he would give us his blessing to host it @ html5please.


Is html5please currently being run off dreamhost?

(also, I know there aren't solid figures about this yet, but do we have any rough ideas about the expected usage?).

Given that unlike most previous projects this will actually have people constantly calling the service (for which we should try to use caching where possible) I'm wondering if it's worth trying to get something dedicated in place for this to avoid bringing other sites down if it gets popular.


@addyosmani It's going to be hard to guest'imate (is that a word?) the expected usage but we should definitely cache the hell out of it.

Not sure if it would need a dedicated solution as each combination of the request can be cached and the payload sent back will be really small?


The latest release caches specific results processed from the data.json file to native php arrays in an effort to offload as much of the processing as possible.


Great :-) the button page up to yet (which I expect will be the biggest?) is about 13.77kb on initial load.

If we can set the cache headers for all returned files then that will ensure repeated request from the same person don't incur additional bandwidth. I will open as an issue?


Speaking of caching, @nimbupani opened up a ticket to discuss server-side caching further in #34. I think it would be useful to get some input (particularly from @jonathantneal) on what preferences you had for how this should be approached. Native php arrays will only take us so far :)

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