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feature: position:sticky status: caution tags: prefixes polyfill kind: css polyfillurls: Stickyfill

position: sticky combines aspects of relative and fixed positioning. Elements to which it is applied initially act as though they are position: relative, but switch to acting like position: fixed when they reach a specified position relative to the viewport. This behavior is often useful for section headings or navigational sidebars. This Mozilla presentation video shows how position: sticky behaves in common use-cases.

Supported unprefixed in Firefox 30.0+. Supported with a prefix (as -webkit-sticky) in OS X Safari 7.0+ and iOS Safari 6.0+. Currently part of the CSS Positioned Layout Module Level 3 W3C Working Draft.

Caution is advised since the spec is currently only at the Working Draft stage and thus can be subject to change. The usage of a polyfill is strongly recommended due to the current level of browser support. Signs currently seem positive for browser support increasing in the future.

Use Stickyfill for a wide range of use cases with top aligned sticky positioned blocks and table cells.

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