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Most CSS Selectors are supported from IE8 onwards, so you should be safe to use them. But do note that, on browsers that do not support these selectors, a whole rule will be detected as invalid if these unsupported selectors are present. For example, in IE6 #main, p:first-child {} would be invalid because it is unable to understand p:first-child. We strongly recommend you do not try to polyfill this, but if you do need one, you could use Selectivizr.

When you sunset IE8 support, you can use:

  • These very useful selectors: :nth-child(n), :last-child, :target, :not(s), :enabled, :disabled, :checked, ::selection
  • These ones, too: :root, :nth-last-child(n), :nth-of-type(n), :nth-last-of-type(n), :first-of-type, :last-of-type, :only-child, :only-of-type, :empty
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