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feature: Viewport units (vh, vw, vmin, vmax) status: caution tags: fallback gtie9 kind: css polyfillurls:

Viewport units allow elements to be sized proportionally to the browser's viewport, providing a css replacement for sizing commonly implemented with javascript. A vh is 1/100th of the viewport's height, a vw is 1/100th of the viewport's width, and vmin and vmax are 1/100th of whichever dimension is smaller or larger, respectively.

IE9 supports vh, vw, and vm instead of vmin for box and border measurements, but won't size text with viewport units.

Safari on recent iOS versions (6 and 7) has issues with viewport units where entire page width/height is used for relative unit calculation instead of just viewport width/height as described above (and in the specification). This causes serious issues under certain circumstances and severely limits the use of viewport units, particularly vh.

Depending on the design, it's sometimes possible to gracefully degrade viewport units with approximate fallbacks. Javascript polyfills like vminpoly exist, but aren't recommended on production sites.

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