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Box Sizing: Pointing issues with Gecko rendering
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paulirish committed Feb 18, 2012
2 parents f1bc0c7 + 11e2e44 commit 097788dc88d9b25272ad03a04a2f8f0724766f54
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@@ -5,3 +5,5 @@ kind: css
<a href="">`box-sizing : border-box`</a> may be a much more sensible default for you. You can apply it to all (`*`) elements if you like. Firefox is the only browser that requires a prefix for box-sizing. You can use it without a prefix for everything else. IE8 has this feature natively, and you can optionally use the [box-sizing polyfill]( to provide this feature in IE 6/7 (you could scope the adjustments using [IE conditionals]( or Modernizr's <a href="">`no-box-sizing`</a>).
There are still issues regarding max-height/min-height and box sizing in Gecko/Firefox, see <a href="">notes at MDN</a>.

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