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Textual clean-ups for canvas

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@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ tags: gtie8 polyfill
kind: html
polyfillurls: [FlashCanvas](
-Canvas is definitely good to go for modern browsers. If however you're looking to use it in IE 8 and below, use FlashCanvas.
+Canvas is definitely good to go for modern browsers. If you want to support Internet Explorer 8 and below, FlashCanvas provides a good polyfill.

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I just want to note that FlashCanvas has some serious limitations with drawImage operations that made it unusable in a project I worked on. See notes here:

Awhile back, I created a demo to test performance in IE:

In my tests, FlashCanvas inconsistently rendered several images layered which sometimes left the canvas empty, partially rendered, or caused flickering.

While it's a pretty decent polyfill, it does have some quirks and catches (even outside of drawImage).


@bentruymen atm it's looking like FlashCanvas is being recommended over other polyfills in a lot of places. Would you prefer for more options to be mentioned or just that we note the limitations?


As someone with a bit of experience using FlashCanvas spending a number of hours tracing through Actionscript, I'm on the fence as to whether or not canvas should be classified as "use" or "caution". It isn't a drop-in polyfill that's going to transparently produce the kind of results we typically expect from most polyfills. FlashCanvas, in my experience, handles basic shapes and simple animations just fine. But as soon as you take it outside of it's narrow comfort zone, it falls apart.

It's not a polyfill I'd be able to make even a semi-complex game on, for example. Nor would I bother running something like a particle generator on it. I apologize I don't have a more complex example to prove my point. :(

Also, I should note, the author of the project states that FlashCanvas' does fairly well when put up against this test suite, which it does. However, where FlashCanvas often fails is when you actually throw it into a real-world situation where we're performing a several operations on the canvas at once (like a globalCompositionOperation on a drawImage).

tl;dr Without a better alternative than FlashCanvas, I'd say this one should be classified as "caution".


I would be happy +1'ing 'caution' here.


I agree completely, @paulirish. Issue created: #106 <3

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