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feedback from @ernestd #60

paulirish opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Paul Irish Thierry Koblentz Rob Wierzbowski
Paul Irish

it'd be nice to explain somewhere what is polyfill vs. fallback

yup. looks like we need this. talking about it in #53

I am not totally convinced about opening caniuse in the same window (when you go back you lose status)

good call. need some target=_blank for sho

any way to avoid spam in the edits?

goes through github so i'm not worried at all.

isn't the old flexbox support going to be maintained in browsers that already support it and add the new flexbox as a separate one (instead of one replacing the old one)?

there are existing bugs that havent been fixed for 1yr so no i dont expect legacy impl to get much maintenance.
they can coexist though, to answer the main question.

Thierry Koblentz

<!-- open all links on page in a new tab. hope that's cool with you. -->

I think it is better to let users decide how they want to open links. By doing this, we add to the confusion.

Rob Wierzbowski

_blank has been removed.

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