page has a faux fold that is confusing #62

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from @aaronpeters

Looks great, but at first, when typing in text field, I thought nothing happened. And then, " oooooh, I need to scroll to see result(s)". Hmm

heard this from @jetienne yesterday too...


Raynos commented Jan 23, 2012

Would scrolling to the first element in the list when hitting enter in the search box improve usability?

Idea: make the result(s) show up between the text field and the

, pushing down (sliiiiiiiide) that div when there is a result(s).

@Raynos That is better than current, but that requires user to hit enter ...
I would prefer to have the results show while typing (live search), but actually show

Raynos commented Jan 23, 2012

Well an easy solution is rework the UI so that the expore features stuff becomes a sidebar. Or use a <details> for the explore features stuff (with a shim ;))

@aaronpeters movement whilst live typing is annoying, but that's personal opinion. It would at least require a sensible delay (1s ?)



  • scroll to the input area as soon as it is in focus
  • hide the explore features section and show only on click/focus.

Anything else?

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