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I added this because the main suggestion in this section is to ignore the lack of mq support in oldIE. This would cause problems if the default styles were for mobile.

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I don't think we should advise serving a mobile/narrow layout to a desktop browser just because it's an older Internet Explorer release. This is completely dependent on the circumstances: what percentage of visitors uses these versions, are there any requirements/limitations in functionality (i.e. mobile-targeted layouts tend to prefer touch input over mouse input), and concessions done in terms of accessibility and readability.


Oh, maybe you misunderstood what I added here. Let me explain:

In the original text, it explains that MQs don't work in oldIE, so devs are advised to 'make their peace with that'. But, this is problematic if they are using a mobile-first approach where the default styles are for a narrow screen. So I added a reminder to make sure that a separate stylesheet is served for oldIE that gives a regular layout (non-mobile). So I was not encouraging serving a mobile/narrow layout to a desktop browser; I was encouraging some caution on taking the 'make your peace with it' advice while using a mobile-first approach, because this would end up serving a narrow layout to oldIE.

Does that make it more clear what I'm trying to say?

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@impressivewebs I get what you are trying to say, but I feel it is too little to state it so simply. Perhaps a rewrite would be in order?


Well, currenty it says:

"If you choose a mobile first 'bottom-up' approach where your default styles target the smallest screens first, then be sure to give oldIE separate styles."

How about instead:

"A caution is in order: If you choose a mobile first approach, you'll be targeting smallest screens first, then the different media queries will take effect as the window/device size increases. But if the browser doesn't support media queries and you don't use a polyfill, then the 'mobile first' styles will be applied to certain desktop browsers."

Feel free to add that in or make any changes to make it sound more clear.

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Thanks! I have updated it 73ac561

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