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H5BP lazyweb requests: get projects and ideas built

The H5BP organization is a community of developers creating open source software. This is a place to submit ideas for new projects and to get involved in building them.

Submitting an idea or request

All individual ideas start life in the issue tracker.

Once an idea has been fleshed out and has interest from a group of people who want to work on it, we can create a repository and assign an initial core team to build it. That team will have full control over how the project is executed.

Everyone else is free to submit pull requests to the project's repository and the core team can request that helpful contributors be added to the team.

Requesting your project be moved to H5BP

Do you have a good idea that you've already started work on? Do you want others to collaborate with you on the project and promotion? Submit an issue describing your idea and requesting that your repository be moved under the H5BP organization and worked on by the H5BP members.


Get projects and ideas built by the community



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