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We need to document what features are available to developers after you sunset support for a given browser.

I've done much of IE6 and IE7 here. (starting at slide 10)

We could also use FF3.0 notes.. like inline-block and the ­


Also related.. what are the features you have at your disposal if you're only targeting iOS/Android/WebOS ?


I think the website is perfect for getting this started.

Features available in IE7 that aren't available in IE6:|6&b2=ie|7

IE7 to IE8:|7&b2=ie|8

Firefox 3.5 to 3.6:|3.5&b2=firefox|3.6

Features you can use in iOS and Android (is WebOS still around?):,android



Sorry if it's not the place, but the slides deforms completely on firefox 3.6.13.

ghost commented Jan 28, 2011

Maybe displaying it in a periodic table like Google's APIs will be cool for this purpose. The way CSS3 is now split into modules will help one categorize the different aspects of CSS


Hi Paul, I actually built a tool like this a while ago. It takes a slightly different approach, you put in your browser stats and it tells you what percentage of your users support each CSS feature.

I was planning on adding html and javascript at some stage but no one seems to use the tool except for myself so didn't bother.

It supports bookmarkable urls so you can email your stats too. If you think its useful I can continue the process.

ghost commented Jan 29, 2011

Hi Alan,

Very nice, I think you just need a little bit of exposure. Please keep working on the tool


ghost commented Jan 29, 2011

When building this, what do you suggest, when should I browser version still be included? 1% global usage, 5%, 10%?


I remember this tool! Very cool.

I think the progression of browser support we sunset goes something like this:

  • Safari 3
  • Firefox 2
  • Firefox 3.0
  • Safari 4
  • IE6
  • Firefox 3.5
  • IE7
  • IE8

There have been a good amount of areas where webkit aligned with IE in features. (outerHTML) So as FF2 and FF3 die, it actually opens up some features that are usable in IE+webkit.

So for IE6:

  • PNG support!
  • position: fixed
  • div:hover
  • selectors: div:first-child, h2 + p, img[data-fullsize], and ul.main > li
  • background-attachment: fixed
  • min-width, max-height, etc


  • postMessage
  • cross-domain XHR
  • native JSON
  • data URI
  • :before, :after, :focus
  • localStorage and sessionStorage
  • getters and setters on DOM elements
  • querySelector(), querySelectorAll()
  • box-sizing!
  • display: table-cell, table, etc.


  • inline-block arrived with 2.0 dying
  • the ­

But...... yeah actually this app is kinda perfect.. I guess I'd want it to start with the global stats from gs.statcounter and then let me tweak things with sliders.

Yeah man I think this project is the answer..


Great, well I'll kick it off again so. I'll stick in gs.statcounter globals and get to work on adding more datapoints.

ghost commented Jan 30, 2011

Hey Alan,

Do you have the code in a repository here on Github?


No not yet, ill put it up

ghost commented Jan 30, 2011

Sweet, let me know when it's up here.


Hey, it's on github now

ghost commented Jan 30, 2011

And I am watching it, good stuff Alan


Louis also did something similar here:

ghost commented Mar 2, 2011

Very nice, thanks for the link Paul. Working on something myself, unfortunately my current day job is not conducive to these kind of things and it is taking a longer than anticipated.

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