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Even if you don't specify cache expiration properly in HTTP headers, despite all the warnings generated by tools like the Webkit auditor or YSlow, Chrome & Firefox pull static assets from local cache on subsequent visits to a site. It's difficult to find good information via Google/Stack Overflow searches about how this works, and the browsers themselves don't clearly report expiration dates.

How long will assets be cached? If assets are cached & retrieved locally regardless of server cache expiration headers, are the headers really that important?


In the app that brought this issue to mind, we've got Etags set for most static resources, but not cache expiration headers. YSlow & the Webkit audit tool throw a lot of warnings for that, but the assets are cached just fine in Chrome & Firefox. How long they will remain cached, though, is not clear.

Furthermore, unless you refresh the page, they don't even hit the server to check if the asset is changed (whereupon a 304 would be returned). They just go straight to local cache, which returns a status code 200.


IE, by default, uses heuristics to determine whether or not to load a file from cache if cache-control or expires headers are not present: See the section "Heuristic Cache Improvements".


Thanks Matt, that's a great resource for IE. I wonder if a similar writeup exists for Firefox/Chrome/Safari?

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