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Mobile Boilerplate Beta

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Mobile Boilerplate

Download Now! v1.0 (codename Secret Diary)


This is a set of features made specifically for mobile development, with following included:


  1. Home page icon for Android, iOS, Nokia
  2. Mobile IE conditional switch
  3. Cross-browser viewport optimization for Android, iOS, Mobile IE, Nokia, Blackberry
  4. Better font rendering in Mobile IE
  5. Prevent scaling
  6. iPhone web app meta
  7. SEO - avoid duplicated content


  1. Mobile helper class and media query
  2. Prevent text resizing in IE/webkit browsers
  3. Prevent callout
  4. HTML5 contenteditable attribute on mobile
  5. S60 3.x and 5.0 devices which animated gif fix
  6. Text overflow with ellipsis
  7. Media query polyfill for low-end smartphones.


  1. INSTANT button click event
  2. Hide webkit chrome
  3. Textarea autogrow
  4. Cross iOS preload screen
  5. Cross-browser CSS media queries
  6. Firebug lite debugger


  1. Added Blackberry MIME type for Apache
  2. Added Nokia MIME type
  3. Prevent transcoding
  4. Mobile site redirection


  1. HTML5 offline caching for smartphone
  2. Mobile sitemap
  3. Mobile bookmark bubble
  4. Browser Database Wrapper API
  5. User Agent Detection
  6. GA for low end mobile devices
  7. Mobile build tool

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Major components:

Bookmark bubble library: Apache License, Version 2.0 Web Storage Portability Layer: Apache License, Version 2.0 Modernizr: MIT/BSD license jQuery: MIT/GPL license DD_belatedPNG: MIT license YUI Profiling: BSD license HTML5Doctor CSS reset: Creative Commons 3.0 BY CSS Reset Reloaded: Public Domain

Everything else: The Unlicense (aka: public domain)

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