Mobile Bookmarklets

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List of mobile bookmarklets for debugging:

Firebug Lite Stable - this is the main distribution channel. The Stable Channel is updated with features and bug fixes once they have been properly tested in the Beta channel.

Firebug Lite Debug - the Debug channel uses the same version as the Stable channel but with different pre-configurations to make it easier to debug Firebug Lite itself.

Firebug Lite Beta - the Beta channel is where the new features and fixes are polished. It should be considerably stable (no known regression), but it may contain some bugs and some features may be incomplete.

Firebug Lite Developer - the Developer channel is where the ideas get created and tested. Once it is tied directly to our code repository you'll get the most recent code possible and will receive updates much more frequently than other channels. At the other hand, the Developer channel can be very unstable at times and the initial load can be slower.

YSlow for Mobile/Bookmarklet - YSlow for Mobile works as a bookmaklet. Users can now run the equivalent of regular YSlow in Mobile browsers as well as any bookmarklet enabled desktop browsers.

Mobile Perf bookmarklet - a cool mobile bookmarklets 'boilerplate' by Steve Sounders

Web Inspector Remote (Weinre) - Use your desktop browser to debug your mobile phone browser using the WebKit Web Inspector UI