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Added to the additional references list
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commit c6d3db5f60054f5b046f5aa458fa9a8fcc43c49b 2 parents b700b6d + 9906286
Addy Osmani authored January 24, 2012

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1  index.html
@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ <h2 id="reference_docs_wikis" class="subhed">Reference docs/wikis</h2>
101 101
                 <li><a href="">Mozilla&#8217;s MDN</a> - awesome documentation regarding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the DOM, and more. It&#8217;s also a great place to contribute! Read <a href="">How to help</a> and learn how to <a href="">get started</a>.</li>
102 102
                 <li><a href=""></a> - quick access to MDN-docs, includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM.</li>
103 103
                 <li><a href="">Forward-compatible websites</a> - list of best practices for creating websites that won&#8217;t break when browsers are updated.</li>
+                <li><a href="">HTML5 Please - Use new and shiny responsibly</a> - Encyclopedia for HTML5 features across browsers, look up specific features and see when/if you can use it.</li>
104 105
105 106
106 107
           <div class="col-b">

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