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Make the doctype valid. #38

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John-David Dalton Paul Irish Alex Sexton Dave Geddes Gianni Chiappetta Jonathan Neal Addy Osmani Thiago Castelo Branco Dini Nicolas Gallagher
John-David Dalton

Make the invalid doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html public "i ♥ the web">

valid. This is a pull request in response to the go a head given by @paulirish in issue #32.

Paul Irish paulirish closed this November 30, 2011
Paul Irish

now that i think about it.....

I care about standards mode.

I don't care about what the validator says. In fact both the HTML and CSS validators are in disrepair and need development. (this is mentioned on the site (i also seem to be one of the few people that care about this))

That is among a few reasons why I do not ascribe to the value of a validator error free site.

Alex Sexton

/me swoons.

Alex Sexton

Personally I think it's cute and it's not hurting anything, is all I mean to say.

Paul Irish

sry for giving you the goahead earlier.

i like the doctype. it adds character and, sure it isn't valid, but it does its sole job. and does it fine.

thx for your suggestions on this and many other projects. i like them. but i'm gonna keep this one as it is.

Dave Geddes

compromise: make the doctype valid and move the fun little comment into a comment.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- i ♥ the web -->

Surely there are more important things to get opinionated about.

John-David Dalton

@geddesign Ya I was thinking about that too, as I stated in the issue, I really like the i ♥ the web bit.

Gianni Chiappetta

You're all wrong, each and every one of you.

Jonathan Neal

A few notes which I hope are relevant.

In the HTML5 spec, the only rule being broken by the use of <!DOCTYPE html public "i ♥ the web"> is that the DOCTYPE string must consist of one of a few predefined identifiers. The only description from the spec of these predefined identifiers is that they are unnecessarily long. In the previous HTML4 spec, the DOCTYPE string was referred to as the HTML version information, and its purpose was to name the document type definition (DTD) in use for the document. Therefore, including a DOCTYPE string which does not conform to the spec's previous requirement is effectively redefining its purpose in HTML5.

Also, in the HTML5 spec, the DOCTYPE is required for legacy reasons, and the DOCTYPE string should not be used unless the document is generated from a system that cannot output the shorter <!doctype html> string. This note in the spec could be interpreted as an opinion that HTML would be better off if DOCTYPEs were altogether removed. In light of this, should a deprecated web standard be interpreted equally, more liberally, or more conservatively than other standards? Regardless, including a DOCTYPE string whatsoever is disregarding the recommendation of the w3c and their deliberately deprecated status of it.

Gianni Chiappetta

Except @jonathantneal, he is right.

Nicolas Gallagher necolas reopened this December 01, 2011
Addy Osmani

As it's been a month since we've done anything to resolve this issue, just wanted to bump :)

@necolas @paulirish do we want to make a call on whether to keep the current doctype or accept the PR?

Thiago Castelo Branco Dini

I like the idea, but standards are the only guarantee that no errors occur because of us. I vote to accept!

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Nov 30, 2011
John-David Dalton mtwf: Make the doctype valid. [jddalton] 570547d
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  1. 2  index.html
2  index.html
... ...
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-<!DOCTYPE html public "i ♥ the web">
+<!doctype html>
2 2
 <!--[if lt IE 9]>      <html class="no-js oldie no-fontface" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
3 3
 <!--[if gt IE 8]><!--> <html class="no-js no-fontface" lang="en">   <!--<![endif]-->
4 4

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