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nolonger a standalone project, doesn't need it's own .gitignore file

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1 parent 2c12d55 commit d8dd3c69325ba4702e5c367e8c76c3da3d7263ba @AD7six AD7six committed Mar 28, 2012
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-# Numerous always-ignore extensions
-# OS or Editor folders
-# Dreamweaver added files
-# Komodo
-# Folders to ignore
-# build script local files

4 comments on commit d8dd3c6


niftylettuce replied Apr 8, 2012

this should have been tested before being pulled in, we have to change stuff in package.json


AD7six replied Apr 9, 2012

The changes to the folder structure (I assume that's the "this" you're referring to - if not, which changes?) were highlighted some weeks before being applied to master on the development mailing list, and are necessary to prevent all server configs generally becoming confusing. There isn't likely to be a need for restructuring things like this again in the near future.

Any comment @xonecas?


niftylettuce replied Apr 9, 2012

package.json needs moved to the node folder, hmm i never knew of the mailing list, will sign up, thx


xonecas replied Apr 11, 2012

We can remove it I think.

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