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Web.config (IIS7+) and IIS6 Alternative instructions - Total Overhaul #73

merged 9 commits into from Jul 25, 2012

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ChrisMcKee added some commits Jun 13, 2012
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Added in more security headers/overrides (headers commented out by de…
…fault) along with longer explanations as to what they do and affect

Might seem a little wordy but .net devs are used to long winded
explanations in xml files, and with security its always better to be
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Incorrect description in main readme file
Majority of the elements in the web.config would have no affect on IIS6
as the configuration of IIS6 is not affected by the web.server tag
elements. The majority of changes required in IIS6 have to be achieved
manually through metadatabase edits.
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Recreated web.config files from vs base templates for MVC4/API/Webfor…
…ms and .net3 Webforms

- Recreated each template from scratch copying the modifications over from the original template.
- Commented out the entire rewrite tag and added a note about installing URLRewrite.
- Tested each config within its own project, the MVC4 + WebAPI are identical (as the WebAPI project still contains a standard MVC4 project, and WebAPI sits higher in the stack)
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Pulled in Pull request 71 79c83f5
H5BP member

This is really nice. Anyone want to review?

H5BP member
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Fix for #53
ETag issue fix, added appropriate header removal tag and information
H5BP member

Had to drop the ---------------------------------------------------- formatting in the rewriting area as VS throws a fit if you use multiple - within a configuration file. Appears as a syntax error.
Replaced with # headers

@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Special IIS6 instructions as none of the web.config stuff is relevant…
… to them

Pretty sure I was asked for this in a previous commit, cant find it.
H5BP member

Added the changes to readme & an accompanying IIS6 configuration (work arounds to the lack of web.server support) to the IIS folder. Seems a more sensible place than the wiki which would easily be missed.

(1007c16) resolves #20 (comment)

H5BP member

@paulirish tbh mate I think we'll both be old and gray by the time someone reviews it. If it helps I've had a guy I work with check them over and I have full VS solutions with each version in. But as it stands the version in the repository is useless, so nothing to lose :p

@AD7six AD7six referenced this pull request Jul 22, 2012

.NET 4.0 web.config #63

H5BP member
AD7six commented Jul 22, 2012

@ChrisMcKee I'm guessing from the lack of feedback from this and your other PR(s) that nobody (including me) feels confident to review the changes.

Since that kind of puts you in the position of being the SME - if you could update the PR so that it merges cleanly - I think we could merge it in and rely on the wider community to improve upon/maintain it.

H5BP member
H5BP member

@paulirish @AD7six thats just a general issue with the .net "community" all take, very little give ;)
I'd expect this PR to merge cleanly (I deleted the entire folder after all), but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong

H5BP member
AD7six commented Jul 25, 2012

@ChrisMcKee "This pull request cannot be automatically merged." <-

H5BP member

@AD7six Groan, generally what I'd expect when a PR takes over a month to move I'll update locally and re-push

ChrisMcKee added some commits Jul 25, 2012
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' (HLBP Master Server Co…

	iis/dotnet 3/web.config

@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' (HLBP Master S…
…erver Configs)"

This reverts commit 19aa2e8a56ee3366feb99207aa6a43d498d92a0f, reversing
changes made to 1007c16e697790da227fab1b7ade6343be02ddb6.
@ChrisMcKee ChrisMcKee Cleanup mess made doing pointless merge 906c01d
H5BP member

@AD7six well that was about as much fun as eating a shoe, the only change made to the web.config was in the comments. Most of which work on the delusional basis anyone using .net would ever be using a build script that would in reality create css files that wouldn't be visible in the solution. Managed language frameworks don't really behave well when treated like a scripting language. In reality people in .net should be using the bundler thats built in from 4+ or which beats the built in method and most others to death :)
The merge/revert thing was due to me stupidly using tortoise (which tried to do something odd merging the configs), I inevitably did it manually and re-added the current state of this repo back in.

@AD7six AD7six merged commit d33e7fe into h5bp:master Jul 25, 2012
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