Bookmarklet problems with Internet Explorer

Dominykas Blyžė edited this page Feb 18, 2015 · 2 revisions

There is a version of the bookmarklet available, which will not be maintained, because of the following issues:

  • Maximum "URL" length (2kb) which makes it very hard to actually implement anything reasonable
    • Obviously, it could be used as a remote JS include, but that wouldn't be very safe for you to use, with potential cookie sniffing and things, would it now?
  • Incomplete support for HTML5 which means that the bookmarklet is unstable unless the latest version of HTML5 shiv is used on the page to be outlined Fixed with IE9
  • No easy way to actually drag'n'drop the bookmarklet, unless there are proficient IE users, who can explain how it's done.
  • Pointless for development process as a bookmarklet - other browsers provide much better support. The full "library" version (minified JS) does work and will be maintained.
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