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Example H5P Content Type for getting started
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H5P Boilerplate

This repository provides you with some boilerplate code in different branches that are intended to make creating new content types a little easier.

The master branch holds a very simple example, other branches contain different frames for different purposes. The source files may contain some TODOs for you in order to fill some functions with life.

Please note that you'll need some familiarity with git and npm.

Please also note that you'll still need some familiarity with how H5P works. If you have not yet had a look at our developer guide: Now is the right time :-)

Getting started

Clone this repository with git and check out the branch that you are interested in (or choose the branch first and then download the archive, but learning how to use git really makes sense).

Change to the repository directory and run

npm install

to install required modules. Afterwards, you can build the project using

npm run build

or, if you want to let everything be built continuously while you are making changes to the code, run

npm run watch

Before putting the code in production, you should always run npm run build.

The build process will transpile ES6 to earlier versions in order to improve compatibility to older browsers. If you want to use particular functions that some browsers don't support, you'll have to add a polyfill.

The build process will also move the source files into one distribution file and minify the code.

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