HDF5 for Python -- The h5py package is a Pythonic interface to the HDF5 binary data format.
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HDF5 for Python

h5py is a thin, pythonic wrapper around the HDF5, which runs on Python 2.7, and Python 3 (3.4-3.6).



Pre-build h5py can either be installed via your Python Distribution (e.g. Continuum Anaconda, Enthought Canopy) or from PyPI via pip. h5py is also distributed in many Linux Distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora), and in the MacOS package managers Homebrew, Macports, or Fink.

More detailed installation instructions, including how to install h5py with MPI support, can be found at: http://docs.h5py.org/en/latest/build.html.

Reporting bugs

Open a bug at http://github.com/h5py/h5py/issues. For general questions, ask on the list (https://groups.google.com/d/forum/h5py).