Zoom buttons in Highstock charts don't behave well if there is not enough data for the range #29

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MatthewM commented Apr 5, 2012

For the ytd if you visit //#history you will see that it is currently not working right and when you click the users information link it displays like this //index.php/user which is weird as most of the time when people use rewrites they try not to use the file name in them. Not sure if the second is a bug or not.


h9k commented Apr 6, 2012

The YTD buttons have problems if the history data does not go back far enough in time. I will ask the Highcharts devels if this can be fixed on their part, or if I can do some workaround like disabling those buttons when there is not enough data.
As for the URL, it is actually normal, since magirc currently works without rewrites. I will add an option soon however to enable rewrites.

@ghost ghost assigned h9k Apr 6, 2012


h9k commented Apr 6, 2012

For your information, url rewriting is now enabled in the latest git version . See #30


h9k commented Apr 8, 2012

I asked on the highslide forums about the zoom buttons problems, so far no answer.
Here's the link btw http://highslide.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16641


h9k commented Apr 13, 2012

This issue will be fixed in the next Highstock release. See highslide-software/highcharts.com#851


h9k commented Jun 8, 2012

This issue has been fixed as of highstock v1.1.6 which is now included in the latest magirc git version.

@h9k h9k closed this Jun 8, 2012

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