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We are a hack team for hackathons, consists of the best hackers and designers. Top requiement, top idea, top tech level.

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  1. 🏰Third Prize for Uber Hackathon China 2016. Source code for iOS client of UberGuide Project. 用Uber API 让背包客通过Uber探索新的城市和文化。

    Objective-C 265 52

  2. 🔧 First Prize For SegmentFault Hackathon Beijing. FIX++ (FixPlusPlus) is a professional display solution for future guidelines and instruction manuals. 更专业的拆解拼装展示方案,可应用于乐高玩具,宜家家具,苹果电脑等领域。

    C# 67 3

  3. 🎧First Prize for Art Hackathon 2015 China, Data becomes music. 数据听觉化的尝试。

    Objective-C 13 2

  4. Third Prize of i-lab Shanghai Hackathon 2016. Connect++ is a LBS information sharing platform.

    Objective-C 11 1

  5. Learn with delight, learn with Delight. Delight is a light-weight code editor and playground that helps connect teacher with students.

    CSS 7

  6. First Prize of SegmentFault ✖️ AngelHack Shenzhen Hackathon 2016

    JavaScript 2 1


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