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Project M

M means Michelangelo.

M could also mean Anything.

This is just a code name for this project, which is a live video chat room based on Browser Extension. Right now we only developed extension for Safaris, but further we definitely will develop versions for Chrome and Firefox.

Using this extension, you will be randomly distributed into a chat room with some audiences who were watching the same web page or video as you were, these videos could be the NBA Finals, World Cup Finals, any Sports Live Video or some important live events such as WWDC. With Project M, you can easily connect with other people who were watching the same thing at almost the same time, even more faster and better than the older Danmaku. You can find some friends to watch the sport games together, find some developers all around the world to expect the Apple WWDC together, even more you can criticize your favorite TV series with other people who are also interested.

Using SDK as the service provider, the quality of service is high enough to support better user experience, and also, it takes less time to develop such a system like

Now, you can:

  1. Mute and unmute certain roommate
  2. Switch your own stream on and off if you have some private thing to do