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hSATAC's vimrc

Author: Ash Wu (aka. cAt)

Forked from vgod's vimrc


  1. Check out from github
  • Mac Os/Linux:

         $ git clone ~/.vim
         $ cd ~/.vim
         $ git submodule update --init
  • Windows: (or you could checkout into your $VIM if you want to build a portable gvim)

         $ git clone ~/vimfiles
         $ cd ~/vimfiles
         $ git submodule update --init            
  1. Install ~/.vimrc and ~/.gvimrc
  • Mac Os/Linux:

         $ ./
  • Windows7:

         > install-win32.bat
  1. (Optional, if you want taglist) Install the Exuberant Ctags (
  • Mac Os: The built-in ctags is not compitable with taglist.vim

         $ brew install ctags
  • ArchLinux: sudo pacman -S ctags

  • Windows:

         Download win32 ctags from
         put ctags.exe into your $VIM


All plugins were checked out as git submodules, which can be upgraded with git pull. For example, to upgrade Command-T

 $ cd ~/.vim/bundle/command-t
 $ git pull
 // update all bundles
 $ git submodule foreach git pull origin master


see the "USEFUL SHORTCUTS" section in vimrc to learn my shortcuts.


  • Pathogen: Pathogen let us install a plugin as a bundle in ~/.vim/bundle seprately.

  • matchit: extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages.

  • Nerd Tree: A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem. <F5> to toggle

    Useful commands:

    • :Bookmark [name] - bookmark any directory as name
    • :NERDTree [name] - open the bookmark [name] in Nerd Tree
  • vim-surround: deal with pairs of surroundings.

    • ysiw (you surround in word)
    • cs (change surround)
    • ds (delete surround)
    • S (surrond in visual mode)
  • SuperTab: Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab.

  • snipMate: TextMate-style snippets for Vim

    :help snipMate to see more info.

  • VisIncr: Produce increasing/decreasing columns of numbers, dates, or daynames.

  • Zoom: Use +, -, 0 keys to zoom in/out like firefox or macvim.

  • taglist: taglist, list functions, structures. <F8> to toggle.

  • tagbar: tagbar, Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by class etc. <F7> toggle.

  • multiple-cursors: Ctrl + n to multiple select, v to enter visual mode, i to enter insert mode.

  • fugitive: :Gblame to view git blame.

  • startify: Start page replacement, shows recent files.

  • Turbux: Run ruby tests in tmux window. <leader>r to run current line or last test, <leader>t to run whole test file.

  • Ag, Ack: Better than grep.

  • Align: Alignment tool. Add :AlignHash for Ruby Hashes.

  • CtrlP: Fuzzy finder. <leader>f to search. Ctrl + x (sp), Ctrl + v (vsp), Ctrl + t (tab)

  • vim-rails: A for alternate file, R for related file, gf fo partials, fixtures, etc.

  • vim-gitgutter: Show git diff in gutter.

  • SingleCompile: <F10> to compile current file.

  • NerdCommenter: <leader>cc to comment, <leader>cu to uncomment. <leader>c<space> to toggle.

Other good references


hSATAC's vimrc - vim, macvim, gvim(win32)



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