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Go utilities for Myanmar unicode
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Myanmar Unicode Utilities

mmutil is a small golang utility package for myanmar unicode and zawgyi.

Supported Functions

func StringIsZawgyi

func StringIsZawgyi(s string) bool

StringIsZawgyi detects whether the given string is written in Zawgyi or not.

func IsZawgyi

func IsZawgyi(b byte[]) bool

IsZawgyi detects whether the given byte array is written in Zawgyi or not.

func SplitWords

func SplitWords(s string) []string

SplitWords split given unicode string into individual words. e.g

result := SplitWords("ကိုကြီး") // ["ကို", "ကြီး"]


  • Conversion between zawgyi and unicode (Currently available converters use Regular expressions with back reference. Golang doesn't support back reference.)
  • Support kinzi, and english words in SplitWords function. (kinzi - "င်္")