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kr commented Apr 15, 2011

It would probably look something like


Client uses only one other doozer package: doozer/proto.

might i suggest that the package identifier could be a little less generic?

if i've got a program that uses the doozer client, then the default
name for the Client type is "client.Client" - which doesn't really
say anything useful - there are many "client" types in the go libraries.

better would be to name it "doozer" (or perhaps "doozer_client"),
then the code would read more nicely IMHO:

package mypackage
import (
func attach() *doozer.Client {
    return doozer.New(name, addr)

the naming for the server side packages is less important because
they will be less used.


kr commented Apr 15, 2011

Yes, that sounds perfect.

Perhaps we should even split the server stuff out into a separate repository.

kr was assigned Apr 19, 2011

kr closed this in e2be0e1 Apr 19, 2011

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