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This plugin is for embedding the YouTube video of your talk into a Reveal.js presentation. It is for publishing the presentation to the web after actually giving the talk.

The video of your talk will play in the corner of the presentation:


Using pre-recorded keyframes, the presentation and the video will be synchronized: moving around in the video will change slides, and moving around in the slides will seek in the video.


Here is a demo for RevealTalkVideo.

Also you can check the RevealTalkVideoTest repository to quickly try this plugin.


To insert RevealTalkVideo into your Reveal.js presentation:

cd plugin
git clone talkvideo
cd ..

Now open your HTML file, and make your Reveal.js initialization look like this:

<script src="js/reveal.js"></script>
<script src=""></script>

var slideTimeMap =


            animateOnStart: true,
            slideTimeMap: slideTimeMap,
            youtubeVideoId: 'fgFto-Oj-uw', // <--- replace with own video ID
            playerWidth: 300,
            playerHeight: 168,
            playerAutoStart: true,
            playerAutoStartOnlyOnFirstSlide: true

        // Optional reveal.js plugins
        dependencies: [
            { src: 'plugin/talkvideo/talkvideo.js' }

...and add this code to the end of your <body> tag:

.reveal-talkvideo iframe {
    position: fixed;
    left: 15px;
    bottom: 15px;
<div class="reveal-talkvideo">
    <div id="reveal-talkvideo-player"></div>

Now open the presentation in the browser.

Also open the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J in Google Chrome).

Start playing the video of the talk.

As the video advances and the slides are changed in it, press the R button to record this event. This will also change the slides in the current Reveal slideshow.

Don't worry, you can undo the last recorded move by pressing U.

At the end, enter this into the browser console:


You should get something like this:

slideTimeMap = [
	{ time: 217.14, slide: [ 15, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 224.74, slide: [ 16, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 237.80, slide: [ 17, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 243.85, slide: [ 18, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 399.43, slide: [ 27, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 407.81, slide: [ 28, 0, -1] },
	{ time: 422.42, slide: [ 29, 0, -1] },

The descriptor of the keyframes look like this:

  • time is the time of the keyframe in the video, in seconds.
  • slide is the set of parameters for slide change that happens when the video approaches time. These parameters are given to Reveal.slide(indexh, indexv, indexf) (horizontal, vertical and fragment index).

Replace slideTimeMap in your HTML code with this new one.

From now on the Reveal.js presentation and the video of your talk will be in sync.

On mobile devices, the YouTube video will be hidden.


A reveal.js plugin for embedding the YouTube video of your talk into the corner of your presentation.



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