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Small Fry's Big Adventure

Small Fry's Big Adventure is a game developed in Unity for a 48-hour game jam at the University of Michigan. The theme for this jam was randomly selected for each team at the start of the jam, using the Video Game Name Generator. Our team's theme was "Peaceful Whale King".

In the game, you play as Small Fry, a fish who has been sent as an envoy by the Whale King to the bird kingdom on land. The player must help different types of birds in a series of minigames before finally being able to visit their master.

Our team took second place in the competition, and won an award for "Best Artwork". We also won a trophy for "Most Useless Feature", for including the ability to dance. We originally planned another mechanic involving dancing, but ran out of time to implement it. However, our artist worked so hard on the dance animations that we couldn't resist leaving them in the final product.

The game is currently not in a playable state due to Unity updates, but feel free to look at the scenes and source code.

Viewing the Program

  1. Clone this repository to your local disk
  2. Open the "Unity" folder using Unity3D
  3. Explore the scenes, assets and scripts involved in the game
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