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The g programming family originated on the image board community of the same namesake on 4chan.[1] The project's github creator, who goes by his hacker alias "nand", is a prominent member in AutismSpeaks and has stated several times that he created a language that would be most comfortable to individuals with Autism spectrum disorders.[2][3][4] "I know personally what it feels like to get angry at inside jokes I don't understand. Well g is a collection of inside that any self-respecting aspie would get."[5]

Of the online communities, g++ is considered to be the Autism community, while g# is considered to be the Asperger's community.[6] A user identified by the screenname RMSsBALLsweat, shared the following, "my close following to the going on's of 4chan and g gave me the skills to implement a Gentoo-based distribution with even more configurability."
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