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When working with webservices locally you never experience fail, the network
is snappy and everything is a breeze. Then you move it into production...

To ensure you cover every possibility while working with code you need a 
ChaosMonkey at your disposal. This particular ChaosMonkey now works with the 
Slim Framework, but should be easy to extend to work with other frameworks.

The ChaosMonkey_AbsoluteChaos will (randomly) run sleep(), die(), exit(), output garbage, 
throw a Exception or do nothing at all (meaning the request goes as planned) 
to make sure you cover different scenario in the user interface. 
This makes it perfect while developing REST services locally to make 
sure your interface is covering these pitfalls that you normally wouldn't catch 
if everything runs smooth on every request.

See the example.php for how to inject the ChaosMonkey into the Slim framework

Inspired by