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Emacs theme with boring white background color that gets the job done.
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Boring white background theme for Emacs editor.

Because sometimes "boring" is a good thing.

img README 4


Install it with use-package from Melpa archive:

(use-package habamax-theme
  (setq habamax-theme-variable-heading-heights t)
  (load-theme 'habamax t))


Some coding

img README 1

Some IRCing

img README 2

Some emacs config mangling

img README 3

Emacs 26 line numbers

With global-display-line-numbers-mode I am still not sure if line numbers should have their own background or not. And if they should then fringe has to have it too.

img README 5

Well, let me add it for now…​

Make it better

I don’t use that much major or minor modes and some colors or lack of it in your favorite mode might be really unpleasant.

So tailor the theme according to your aesthetics (try not to make it too fancy) then

  1. make a pull request

  2. attach a screenshot :)

and most probably, like in 99% I will accept it.

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