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PLUGIN: Adds Meta Keywords and Description for each post.
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Plugin: Keywords 1.6
Plugin Author: Petr Stuchlik -
Licenses:  Keywords : Apache Software License 2.0


Keywords is a simple, yet effective Habari plugin which allows you to add HTML Meta tags Keywords, Desctription and Robots for each page type of your blog.


 1. Download the archive to your server.
 2. Extract the contents to a temporary location (not strictly necessary, but just being safe).
 3. Move the keywords directory to /path/to/your/habari/user/plugins/
 4. Refresh your plugins page and activate the plugin.
 5. Confifure this plugin and set up default meta tags. You can use Advanced config to set up different meta tags for different page types.
 6. Fill in new Meta section on entry edit form - this way you can set up special keywords and description for each entry.


The upgrade procedure is same as per the installation procedure.


1.6     - Major refactoring and changes, meta tags can now be set up for all page types.
1.5     - Compatibility with Habari 0.9.1.
1.4     - Compatibility with Habari 0.8, code cleanup.
1.3     - Fix for post preview warning, when no keywords were set, but some tags were.
1.2     - Bug fixes
1.1     - Some code cleanup, GUID support was added.
1.0     - Initial release

If you encounter any problems, please feel free to leave a comment on the plugin homepage.
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