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dvector commented Jan 19, 2012

As an example if I have a content type of 'tradelocation', and a group 'tradeusers' the idea being that a trade user can edit or create only posts of type 'tradelocation'. If we then set permissions to own_posts and posts of type tradelocation, my question is should we be seeing Manage - Entries,Pages etc on the Manage sub menu?

See screenshot ideally don't want anyone in group tradeusers to see anything in Admin except manage/post_tradelocation when logged in.


lildude commented Apr 15, 2012

Makes sense to me to NOT display "Entries" and "Pages" too. A quick bit of testing reveals it's the "own_posts" part of the following on line 304:

$manageperm = array( 'post_' . $type => array( ACL::get_bitmask( 'edit' ), ACL::get_bitmask( 'delete' ) ), 'own_posts'=>array( ACL::get_bitmask( 'edit' ), ACL::get_bitmask( 'delete' ) ), 'post_any'=>array( ACL::get_bitmask( 'edit' ), ACL::get_bitmask( 'delete' ) ) );

Which corresponds to your "Permissions on one's own posts" permissions.

Not sure why this is happening though. Would need to look deeper into the ACL side of things.


rick-c commented Oct 23, 2012

I'm not sure about Habari 0.8, but with the incipient 0.9, if you check the deny box for the types you don't want them to see, they shouldn't get menu item entries for them. if you uncheck the read box for the post types they are allowed to see, that will allow them to only see their own posts of those types, not those of others.


mikelietz commented Oct 25, 2012

I can confirm that only content types allowing edit to a user's group show up in that user's Manage menu as of 0.9-alpha 0a76eb0. Closing this ticket.

@mikelietz mikelietz closed this Oct 25, 2012

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